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Yoga for Weight Loss:5 Best and Effective Yoga Asanas(poses)

Yoga for Weight Loss:5 Best and Effective Yoga Asanas(poses)

In this post,we are going to explain,” yoga for weight loss”.we will help you in understanding how yoga helps you in losing weight,building muscles and improving flexibility.

Before showing yoga poses for weight loss you have to understand what yoga really is?

What is yoga?

According to wikipedia,

Yoga is a group of physical,mental and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient india.

Many people all over the world are practicing yoga for weight loss,for promoting relaxation and also for reducing stress.

Yoga has many health benefits and yes it also helps you in losing weight.

It doesn’t only help you burn calories but while doing yoga asanas(poses) you will also lose weighy mentally by reducing stress and lowering cartisol levels(Cartisol is a hormone which causes weight gain).

What is an Asana?

It is an sanskrit word which simply means a “yoga pose”.

We have picked 5 Best yoga for weight loss Asanas(poses) that will not only help you in losing weight but also make you peaceful.

Yoga for Weight Loss: 7 Best yoga and effective yoga poses

1. Boat Pose(Navasana):

Boat pose helps in toning and strengthning your abdominal muscles and also improves balance and digestion.

It also helps you in losing thigh fat because it stretches your hamstring muscles and strengthen your spines and hips.

How to do:

Sit on the tangle with your knees bowed, feet level. With your spine straight, recline from the hips marginally as you rectify your legs, feet noticeable all around. Keep your chest lifted as you expand your arms forward so they’re in accordance with your shoulders.

Balance on your sit bones for 30 seconds and after that breathe out as you bring down your arms and legs.

2. Wide legged Forward Bend:

Yoga for weight loss

Wide legged forward bend(Prasarita Padottanasana) is a great asana for weight loss.It also stretches and strengthens the hamstrings,calves and your hips.It also give you relief from stress and anxiety.

How to do:

To start this asana, remain at the front of your tangle in the Tadasana.

Breathe in and make a stride in reverse with your correct foot so your body faces the long edge of the tangle.

Extend your hands to such an extent that they are at shoulder stature and appropriate over your feet. At that point, convey your hands to your hips.

Breathe in, and protract your chest and heart skywards, with the end goal that your middle is extended also. Breathe out and twist forward until the point when your fingertips contact the tangle before you.

As you continue extending, convey the crown of your make a beeline for the ground, and push the rear end towards the roof. Your stomach muscles should likewise connect with the protracting of your spine.

Concerning your hands, you could either put them underneath your legs or on your tangle, alongside your head, with your elbows twisted. You could likewise hold your huge toes with your fingers.

3. Side plank(Navasana):

yoga for weight loss

Undoubtedly side plank also falls in yoga for weight loss poses.It is also a great yoga asana for weight loss.It strengthens your core and legs.It also improves balance and concentration.

How to do:

Begin with your feet together and one lower arm straight forwardly underneath your shoulder.

Get your center and raise your hips until the point that your body is in a straight line from make a beeline for feet.

Hold the situation without giving your hips a chance to drop for the distributed time for each set, at that point rehash on the opposite side.

4. Chair pose(utkatasana):

yoga for weight loss

It is also very helpful in weight loss.It stimulates the abdominal organs.It also stretches the shoulder and chest.

How to do:

Keeping your lower legs and knees together you will gradually sit back as though sitting in a seat. For a steadier amateur benevolent base set your feet hip-width from each other (about the space of two clench hands).

Convey your legs parallel to one another and enable your knees to float over your toes as you carry weight into the foot sole areas.

5. Bhujangasana(cobra pose):


It stimulates the abdominal organs and relieve stress.It also helps in stretching your abdomen and chest and helps you in losing weight also.

How to do:

Lie look down and focused on your tangle.Press into the floor with the two hands.

Force your shoulders marginally back – down and far from your ears.Connect with your abs by illustration your tummy catch toward your spine.

Lift into a low cobra present by utilizing your back and stomach muscles to twist your back in reverse.

Hold it for 30 seconds and then repeat.

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