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Lose weight in one month: 5 simple and effective steps

Lose weight in one month: 5 simple and effective steps

As we all know,Most of the people in this world are facing a problem of obese,bloatness,belly fat etc.Obviously!! you are also facing one of these because this is the only reason you came up to read,”How to lose weight in one month”.

So my friend you have no need to worry about your weight loss because now you came to the right place.

So my friend before getting started  let me clear you few things.

First of all,when it comes to,”How to lose weight”it only means to understand that how your body works.

There are also a lot of ways to lose weight but most of them makes you feel hungry and unsatisfied  most of the time.

As we come to weight loss its little challenging but my friend,”If it doesn’t challenges you,it doesn’t change you”.

During weight loss you have to eat clean but after that you have to train dirty.

So now without wasting time let me came to the point this blog post contains 5 simple and effective steps to lose weight in one month. 

Lose weight in one month : 5 simple and effective steps

1. Avoid eating sugars and starches(carbs):

lose weight in one month

Carbs are the main reason of becoming overweight.

So during your weight loss process you have to avoid eating high amount of carbs,you can take it as low-carbs vegetables.

when you avoid eating high amount of carbs your appetite level reduces which makes you avoid eat fewer calories and you will be satisfied eating that much amount of calories.

There are so many benefits of eating low amount of carbs such as it lowers insulin levels,reduces bloatness etc.

2. Consume protein rich food and low-carb vegetables cooked with high quality fats:

lose weight in one month

After removing a high amount of carbs from your meals.You have to eat food which contains protein and low-carbs.

You have to include a protein rich source and low-carbs vegetables cooked with high-quality fats.

Eating protein rich food gives you energy.It also boosts your metabolism.It also reduces cravings and your apettite level.

Rich Protein sources:

° Eggs: whole eggs with yolk

° Meat: Beef,chicken,pork etc.

° Seafood: Salmon,tuna,trout etc.

° Dairy products: cheese

° Dry fruits: Almonds,walnuts etc.

You also have to eat low-carb vegetables during weight loss.Fill your plate with these low-carb vegetables given below;

Low-carb vegetables:

° Broccoli

° Cauliflower

° Spinach

° Tomato

° Cabbage

and many more.

Fat sources

° Olive oil

° Coconut oil

° Avocado oil

Cook your meals with these oils to add fat amount into your meals.

You have to eat 2 to 3 meals a day.

3. Lose weight in one month by Eating quality food:

lose weight in one month

Eating quality food is far better than eating low amount of food.Choose quality food instead of foods based on caloric value.

° High-quality foods:

It contains unrefined,minimum processed foods such as,vegetables and  fruits,whole grains,healthy fats and healthy sources of protein.

Eating quality foods helps you get a good hygiene and immune system.

4. Lose weight in one month by having Quality of sleep:

lose weight in one month

A good sleep is very much important to our physical health.People trying to lose weight fails because they are not giving attention and not taking a quality sleep.

There are many benefits of good and quality of sleep.A deep and regular sleep helps you reduce stress.It can lower your blood pressure.It helps you maintain your weight by reducing your cravings for unhealthy foods.

5. Exercises 3 to 4 times a week:

Lose weight in one month

All i mentioned above is not going to work if you didn’t exercise 3 to 4 times a week.

As i mentioned above that,”Eat clean,Train dirty”.In simple words,it means you have to burn more calories than you eat.This will leads to real weight loss.

You can lift weights in gym,but if you don’t have time for gymming.Then you can do some cardio workouts like,swimming,running,cycling etc.

By following these steps you can easily lose weight in one month.


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