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How to get rid of face fat: 4 Best diet changes and Exercises

How to get rid of face fat: 4 Best diet changes and Exercises

Everyone men and women on this planet having a chubby face wants to know,”How to get rid of face fat”.Everyone wants to look more attractive  and fit.

When we talk about attractiveness our face is the first portion that should be focused and it also decides how attractive we are to most extent.

so,If you have a chubby face don’t worry we are here to help you lose fat from your face and make you look attractive.

Before starting let me clear you one thing,reducing fat from one portion of your body is impossible.

If you want to lose face fat you have to work on overall body.

In this post,we are going to share 4 of the best diet changes and exercises that will definitely help you reduce face fat.

How to get rid of face fat; 4 Best diet changes

1. Follow a balanced diet:

how to get rid of face fat

As we already know it is impossible to reduce fat from one part of the body.So if you want to reduce face fat you have to lose weight overall.

You have to follow a diet which contains good amount of protein,fats and also complex carbs such as wheat bread,oatmeal etc.

Following a healthy balanced diet helps you lose weight in an healthy manner.

2. How to get rid of  face fat by drinking More Water:

How to get rid of face fat

As we already know that its important to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day to stay hydrated all day.It helps you in losing weight.

Drinking more water decrease your overall calorie intake.It also helps to boost your metabolism.If you don’t drink enough water your body retains body water in your cheeks which leads to increase in your facial fat.It also helps you to fight various skin problems such as acne,blackheads etc.

So thats why it is essential to drink 8 to 9 glasses or more water  than it in a day.Drinking more water also benefits in skin problems.

3. How to get rid of face fat by Cutting back on sugars and salts:

how to get rid of face fat

Cutting down sugar and salt also helps you reduce face fat as well as  overall body weight.

High sugar intake in your blood mad it difficult for body to lose weight.Therefore,you have to cut down sugar sources such as artificial sweetners,sweet syrups etc from your daily routine.

Also,consuming more salt makes your bloated by retaining body water.So you must avoid fast foods and processed foods to reduce salt consumption which helps you to reduce face fat.

4. Sleep for 7-8 hours in a day:

how to get rid of face fat

Its true that,”If you sleep more you will end up weigh less”.Having a short sleep really affect your weight.Improving your sleep helps you lose weight in a healthy manner whereas improper sleep makes you leads to disturbance in mind.

How to get rid of face fat by facial exercises

1. X-O Exercise:

This exercise is really beneficially when it comes to reducing fat from face.It helps you get stronger jaws and it can be performed anytime and anywhere.

How to do:

° Vocalize x-o one after other.

° Stop and repeat

2. Fish face exercise:

This is one of the most popular exercise for reducing face fat.This exercise also helps you get that awesome jawline which make you look more attractive.

How to do:

° Slurp your cheeks and lips, hold it for 10 seconds

° Stop and repeat

3. Blow a Balloon:

This is the best method of reducing face fat.It is really effective exercise while blowing balloon muscles of your and cheeks work together which leads to reduce face fat.

It helps in removing chubbiness from your cheeks.

we all know how to blow a ballon so i skip explaining it.

5. Chewing your favourite gum:

Chewing gum is a great method of reducing facial fat.while chewing gum our cheeks makes movement which leads to reducing fat from face.

Choose a sugar free gum and i also know you know how to chew gum.

Jokes apart!!

Thank you fro reading our article,”How to get rid of face fat”.

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