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Hey Everyone!!

we hope you all are doing well in your life.But as we know we all faces many problems related to our health and skin.Many of us are facing diseases just because we are eating unhealthy and not going to gym or we don’t have time.

So,without wasting time let me came to the point.

Right now!!You are reading the,”About us” page of

so my friends this is a blog which is based on health and beauty.

And this blog is created by Me and My friend:


Ritish singh
ADMIN: Ritish singh


Ritish singh

I know what is in your mind right now!! That these guys are looking so cool and funky.So how could they help us in our health related problems.So my friends let me clear you one thing with honesty that we are not professionals.

we both(Me and my friend) are studying in a college and we created this blog just because of the reason that i mentioned in the start.

we created this blog to share our knowledge with the world because we are studying about health and beauty till 11th standard.we both researched about health and beauty in last 2 years and now we have to share what we researched in these 2 years.

when did this thought strike in our minds( simply when we think about creating this blog):

Me and my friend,we both are studying in a college and we really love going to gym and following a healthy lifestyle.

Almost,everyday one of our friend or college mate came to us and ask for some tipsĀ  to get rid of that bad fat,acne problems and many more health and skin related problems.

So after observing all this we decided to start a blog on health and beauty to help people who are facing problems like that.

So now here we are!! Be the part of our journey


Here to help you!!😊